Eastern Metro Manila transport depot?

I will have to agree. Until the road network of the East improves, this might just stay as a parking space instead of a terminal.

Caught (up) in traffic

The eastern transport terminal that had been under development along the Marikina riverbanks and across from SM City Marikina does not seem to be progressing in terms of the public utility vehicles it is supposed to be attracting and dispatching. Not even the heavy promotion of a tiangge or goods market in the area could attract people.

Passing the area, one can see trucks and other heavy equipment parked and occupying much of the terminal’s space. It seems to have become more of a depot than a working public transport terminal. I think this is to be expected as the designation and development of this area as a terminal for the east seems to have been undertaken haphazardly. For one, the connection to the Line 2 Station at Santolan is not that good and requires a lot of walking in a not so comfortable or convenient environment. Meanwhile provincial buses…

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Shine down on me

For the DP Challenge: Shine

Another song!

I had been reading vampire stories recently and the prompt today reminded me of the Japanese animation called Hellsing. Well, not really the anime per se,  but its ending song with the same title.

A little introduction for non-anime and non-vampire fans. Hellsing is a manga made by Kouta Hirano-sensei based on the most famous vampire in the history (I hope even you’re not a vampire lit fan, you guys have heard of him)– yep, Count Dracula. Except that here, he is known as the vampire Alucard (you have to note the spelling, guys!), the ultimate weapon deployed by the Hellsing Institute to dispose illegal and anomalous vampires and ghouls. If Hellsing seems to strike a familiar chord to Dracula fans, yes, it came from the name of Abraham van Helsing. Their family line took up residence in London and they were given the knighthood to study and defend England from, yes– vampires. The current head is Sir Integral Fairbrooke Wingates Hellsing, daughter of Sir Arthur Hellsing who was present during the WW2 Blitz (that’s a different story, though). She is assisted by Walter Dornez, the current butler of Hellsing and Alucard’s former comrade during WW2. In one of their operations, Alucard had created a fledgling out of the policewoman, Seras Victoria when she became critically wounded in killing a rogue vampire priest. She became part of the Hellsing Institute’s disposal team.

It’s been a while since I have watched any anime, I stuck mostly with reading the  manga but Hellsing became one of my most favorite because it has all the elements I liked in a show- bad-ass characters, bad-ass art, vampire story and a mix of truth (meaning, it was based on historical facts– well, in this case, very loosely). Plus, the original soundtrack rocks socks. There were two animation videos made– Hellsing produced by Gonzo (the anime with 13 episodes) and Hellsing Ultimate OVA. The OVA was more closely based with the manga. Sadly, had no more time to watch it except through clips.

Here is Shine, the ending song of the anime.

Anyway, more on Shine, the song, shall we?

The song was sung by a British pop rock band called Mr. Big. These guys have pretty nifty sounds. This is the better version of the MTV of Shine. I read that most of their recordings were in Japan. Hmm.

Oh, they have an acoustic version! ❤

The lyrics are pretty cool, too.

Although the anime was mostly seinen (meaning for guys), I wanted to think that this song was an image song of Seras (yes, the fledgling) about her vampiric state. You see, in the anime series, she was a reluctant vampire. Well, apart from that, she was also an innocent. In Dracula’s story, I would say she was the Lucy. Except that she retained her innocence and reluctance to kill. Except when extremely provoked.

She was also awkward, hesitant, gentle and extremely good-natured but don’t let that fool you because she is a dedicated soldier and as a policewoman, she was brave and strong-willed (otherwise, how else would she have impressed Alucard into turning her). Her squabbles with Pip Bernodette were adorably annoying (and tbh, their kissing scene, canon at that, made me cry– that’s in the manga, and I just saw the Ultimate animation. Ugh, if it was not undignified to weep in my cubicle, I would have done so). Alucard messes with her head but she respected her. Integra treats her coolly but she also respected her skills in defending her in the place of her master, when she was cornered by Iscariot and Millenium.

Seras wasn’t exactly I would aim for a favorite character. Personally, I love Integra better. But I must admit, Seras has a hidden fire and it made her spectacular as her character grew in the manga and series. She just SHONE.

Going, going, gone

From the Daily Prompt Gone

Start of the new year but the good resolutions had gone right out the window.

My patience is also almost at its end. Almost gone. Along with my good intentions.

When a heart is filled with vituperation, bitterness and selfishness, where do love and service go? Where do understanding, peace and serenity stay?


Nowhere. They are gone.

Don’t let us be gone, too. When fed up of your vitriol and hate, the respect you demand demeans others; you might find yourself all alone.

Don’t let us be gone. Because we only have so little to hold on.

Sense of Urgency

Challenge for DP’s Urgent.

Mama always tells me I have no sense of urgency. I dally a lot on things that are considered important. Urgent becomes something I set aside for later. It can wait. There are also others that await that I must do or I should be doing but I choose to do what strikes my fancy now.

Like now. In 8 minutes, we are scheduled to have a meeting about a project at work. But here I am, writing my frenzied thoughts. I am not even done with my map tracing. Yet the call to write my thoughts down is strong that I had no choice but just pour it out here and well, just type. It eased the rush of adrenaline, clearing my churning thoughts into a semblance of clarity. This is what I must do now, this is what should go first.

Yes, I am a procrastinator. But somehow, these small distractions spark more of my creativity, making my brain work overtime. The pressure of deadline push me to be more inventive, more daring. I usually end up rushing headlong in my deadlines, if not lagging after the scheduled activities. My thoughts can sometimes be crazy. But hey, I even had to admit to myself that my crazy ideas can be mostly brilliant.

It is definitely not a good habit. I am not recommending it to anyone at all.


But it works for me nicely.


Technically, it’s already the 17th here but since I was out the whole weekend, I am doing the challenge now.


The challenge today reminded me of my most favorite Filipino band: Sugarfree. This is a three-man show of Ebe Dancel on vocals and guitar, Mitch Singson but later replaced by Kaka Quisumbing on drums and our college Pol Sci professor, Jal Taguibao on bass.  Sadly, the band had disbanded on 2011. I had referred on my previous entry here one of their most populat and catchy songs, Hari ng Sablay. The video is below.

They had a not-so popular song called “Kandila”, which is the Filipino word for– well, you guessed it– candle. It’s a bittersweet song of someone waiting in the darkness of a blackout with a candle only for company, and finding that person will not return anymore, the person apologizes in the darkness for not chasing after, plunging the world in darkness. I’ll translate the lyrics some other time, though. ^^;

The video is from their last concert, Paalam Pilipinas.


Response to DP challenge: Clumsy

I was known as the klutz. Awkwardly falling. Always messy. Tripping on my toes. Ending up in a snare. Graceful would be the last attribute you would describe me. I hated social dances and events because I end up stepping on my partner’s foot or feeling more awkward because of the suaveness of the crowd. I felt like an odd-woman-out among the dainty and the refined. As much as I love the romantic Victorian era, I feel that I would end up like Jo of Little Women. Burning her frock, her curls and glove, skulking behind the curtains to cover her stained skirts. I always felt that my tall height worsens matters because I stand out like a sore thumb. I either move too quickly or too slowly, ending up slipping and toppling with unsteady gait. I bemoan wearing heels, as they are both painful and awkward, praying for dear life that I don’t end up with a wrenched ankle or broken neck (thankfully, none of them ever happened on incidents when I had to really wear stilletos, although personally, bless whoever invented wedges).

I felt that Sugarfree’s song “Hari ng Sablay” (King of Faults) was crafted to perfection for people like me. I seem to lose my steam and wind in the usual activities normal people do with ease and perfection. But it was a different case when I do martial arts.

I used to be very active with two of them: arnis, or the local stick-sword fighting and judo. When I was in high school, one of our physical education modules covered arnis. Our instructor taught us the art of stick fighting and I watched the graceful rotation of wrists and hand movements of each thrusts and strikes with fascination. Eagerly, I was able to perform the ten-point strikes, sinawali and kali with ease after months of practice. Sparring gave me bruises in the arms and legs when I get hit accidentally by the rattan sticks but the exhilaration of doing each strike, footwork, thrust and disarming was of like a graceful, intricate dance. My teacher taught me an important lesson: You do not move the whole arm in arnis, you only flick your wrists for impact. You are a fighter, not a windmill of arms. Arnis is an art of fighting and a discipline of control.

In college, I was introduced to aikido and judo. Aikido’s movements were closer to arnis but I liked judo better. Weight and force do not matter on either art. Unlike karate and taekwondo, aikido uses the force inflicted to deflect and defend. Judo, on other hand, uses the weight of your opponent to either throw them off-balance or pin them down without too much effort. Both appealed to me because for a klutz lik me, I was able to use both the things I disliked about myself into advantage– my speed and weight. My acquired knowledge in arnis also helped me– footwork, wrist movement and yes, even my own clumsiness helped me gain more confidence in discovering that a klutz like me can enjoy sports that are considered graceful form of art.

I no longer practice all of them in regularity but their lessons remained in me. I still am clumsy in so many ways. I still bump into things. I still have my cases of spills, breaks and falls. Still, I became more at ease with my body and its innate abilities and restrictions. I became more appreciative of what this klutz can do. Clumsy I may be in so many ways, this body is strong and unique. Each of us was gifted by special skills we must discover.

A promise of love

DP on Promises

Today’s prompt and our community’s prayer theme made me smile because it reminded me of an old post here. It reminded me also of a promise I made to myself when I joined a retreat almost 4 years ago and a promise of love from that Someone who loves me more that I’ll ever know.

For someone who had somewhat had that “misfortune” of falling for the unreachable, I sort of resigned myself that being alone isn’t so bad. But I’d be lying if I say that I don’t need someone special in my life. I made all sorts of promises to myself that I would  move on from that someone who had hurt me badly. That I will find it within myself to finally go out of my self-imposed stasis in the ivory tower I made within my heart– to trust and open my heart to love. That one day, I will finally find the one who He promised me.

That was 4 years ago. But I still find myself looking over my shoulder, hoping and wishing that it was easy to keep my promises and to trust that promise of mutual love and affection I see in other people. In my fear of being judged and my self-deprecating manner, I often end up with broken promises, and for holding on with the shards of my brokenness. I often find myself wishing that somehow I can mend those that cannot be. There are times that I find myself that I am still bitterly regretting those promises that were not meant for me at all. I still find myself yearning on someone I should have let go, long time ago.

Today, 10 years ago, I finally admitted to myself  that my heart had gone to someone I cannot have, that shook me to my very core. There were no promises made, no certainties in the rash feeling I had. I knew it was doomed, right from the beginning. The pain of loss had dulled, but I still yearn to find something that can surpass that frightening but wonderful feeling. The promise of it had been near but I feel that I cannot reach out because my fears of pain and rejection petrify me.

By the way, yes, it is my love story we are talking about. But love comes in so many ways and forms. I may never had formed a special relationship with someone in a romantic sense (because I have a thing for unreachable– he turns out to  be 2-D character, too popular for my own good or is in love with someone, in the case of THAT guy, he was into guys), but the promise of love is just all around. Let’s not neglect those because in my points of pain, they became my saving grace.

So, allow me to share our community’s prayer for someone like me who is seeking the completion of a promise of a love that is meant especially for us who wait for it. And especially for me, who had waited for it for a long while.

The prayer for today reminded me that I am a child of love. We are born out of love and there is always a promise of love within us.

….Thank you for the gift of love.. for equipping us with big hearts that enable us to share our whole being with people– from those who mean a great deal in our lives to perfect strangers who, at the moment you meet them, need comfort the most.

Thank you for filling my heart with Your love, so much that I am capable of sharing this overflowing love with someone special. It delights me, day and night, to see this type of love from my parents and dear friends, and I look forward to the day that You have arranged for me to meet the person You deem best for me.

The prayer for today perfectly reminds me of that Someone’s promise that I am loved and worthy to be loved:

But until then, I pray for the grace that I may always be fulfilled, first and foremost, by the love that You constantly give me. That I am loved by You from the moment I wake until the moment I dream. Please help me learn to trust more in your timing.. that my eyes and heart will not falter from Your promise that Your plans are greater than mine will ever be. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

And in my imperfection, a promise of someone to complete my imperfection with perfection. In His time.

I know that sometimes, human nature will get the best of me. Because of my imperfections, I may feel like I am alone while I wait for God’s best, that I am incomplete because I do not have someone to share beautiful (and equally, bittersweet) moments with just like my parents or my other dear friends do. When I reach this point in my life,  please remind me that I am complete in You, in Your perfection. “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

So here’s the big part– where I also promise to be ready when  that person comes along. I realized that before, my mistake was to reject it outright because I knew in my brain (and I dictated my brain) that it was doomed from the beginning. But…what if? Had I been more mature that time and proved my love is more than my fears, would it had ended better? I will not know now, but maybe when I am more ready to open myself, then I will know when it is what it was meant for me.

Please help me prepare my heart for this wonderful person,  by teaching me to let go of past baggages. Teach me to love as You love by forgiving those who hurt me in the past. And most of all, help me forgive myself for hurting those who were once special in my life as well. Only when I have a heart full of Your love, without grudges or doubts, will I be sure that I am ready for what You have in store for me.

And when the time comes that I am to meet this person, Your best, that You have planned for me, I pray for guidance that we both will consciously put You at the center of our relationship. I believe that is how we will grow in love together– with You in our center.

Until then.

Until then. I hold on to the promise that this person is out there, when we find each other.

My brokenness is mended by that promise of love.

DP H2O Challenge: Blue Paradise

A response in the Daily Challenge of the Week: H2O

Last week, I was assigned by our office to do an interview survey in one of the famous tourist spot of the Philippines for work– Boracay island. At first, I thought Boracay was quite overrated with all the news I had been hearing and reading about it. But while I was there, I finally understood why people call it “paradise on earth”.

All photos were taken by ASUS Laser 5.5 cellphone camera.


Technically, clouds are one form of water, right? 🙂


Bird’s eye view of the island and its surrounding waters


Boats and where I need to be


Waves in the tropics


If only mornings and innocence of play are like this…


Fish! Life from the waters.


Water brings forth life, even in a space like this.

The Sacrament of Waiting

It’s a beautiful piece and apt, too, for those who still wait and cannot wait. Food for thought.

I'm Lost in Oz

I just had to share this. It’s a very beautiful piece written about the preciousness of waiting. I got this during a retreat I attended around two years ago.

The Sacrament Of Waiting
Fr. James Donelan, S.J.

The English poet John Milton wrote that those who serve only also stand and wait. I think I would go further and say that those who wait render the highest form of service. Waiting requires more discipline, more self-control and emotional maturity, more unshakable faith in our cause, more unwavering hope in the future, more sustaining love in our hearts that all the greatest deeds of deering-do go by the name of action.

Waiting is a mystery – a natural sacrament of life – there is a meaning hidden in all the times we have to wait. It must be an important mystery because there is so much waiting in our lives.


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Getting ready

Doing a rushed post. Haha. I am supposed to leave the house by 4PM but here I am in a middle of a chaotic bedroom– unbathed, my things scattered and my thoughts flying. So, what the heck. Let’s do a post.

I will be gone for the weekend to think over things about my life– family, friends, work, personal and other whatnot. I must say that I am excited but at the same time, I am anxious, and yes– I am scared. I don’t know what will happen during and after. But I am scared because it is definitely going to do a lot of changes in my life.

I psyched myself that it would be all right. I’ve been to a retreat before. I knew these people. I knew myself.

Or so I hope.

But fear is still there.

I decided to go through it, despite the fear. Despite my financial issues. Despite everything. I prayed for it for so long. And I know these are the few chances that I am following my instincts that the changes that I will go through is essential and they are right.

Forgive my selfishness. Forgive me for withdrawing in a shell just for a short while. Forgive me, world. But this time around, I think I need to listen and be still for now. But after this, I’ll be more prepared to dance back to the world’s rhythm.