Hajimemashite (or why the heck am I blogging instead of studying?!)

Actually, my title is a Japanese phrase that means, “This is the beginning.” Literally. Since this is my very first post and I have also to review for my Ethics midterms exam (what a dilemma and segue way, hahaha), I will try to be brief.

So what’s in this post? I guess a brief explanation on what made me open another blog, despite my constant sticking with my older blog at LJ. I decided to open a more “public” blog entry after a delayed reaction on friends’ urging and my own way of getting myself working something productive on times I need to get myself working. Plus re-reading my LJ makes me cringe on how open I am with my more private emotions. In any case, this will be a more daily thing. Or at least, I try to be constant about daily posting. 

What to expect: Oh, bits and pieces of interesting things I encounter outside. It may come from school, from online, from my travels and travails. Something my housemate/s said/quip. My profs. Random images. All I can say is I’ll make it interesting and worth the visit.


So. Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Please be gentle. 🙂


About chocolatedazed

I am currently a researcher who is curious and fascinated about human nature. I am a cat, chocolate, caffeine, book and nature lover. I also like music-- most of them, anyway. A Filipino at soul and heart but likes Japanese language and culture. Bookworm, iska, techie and sometimes just plain crazy. I write to let my thoughts out so they won't haunt me before I sleep. Halong diskurso, personal na buhay, wala lang, obserbasyon, pag-uulayaw ng akademiya at interes, konting politikal (kahit na di naman ako ganun kabihasa). Lahat pang-araw-araw na nakikita sa sipat ng aking balintataw.

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