RuRoKen showing in the Philippines?! SOON! :D

I just caught sight of this news today. This was posted in Facebook yesterday!


SAMURAI X is coming your way soon!

According to Movie Punch, they are still in the process of negotiating with the Japanese producers the release of the movie. But in this image, they were overwhelmed with the support otaku and non-otaku fans of Rurouni Kenshin (also locally known as Samurai X). Crossing fingers (and toes and all things we can possibly cross!), they get the rights and we can finally see it on the big screen!

BTW, my apologies for my non-posting for 3 days. Still having Phantom of the Opera euphoria. Will make a post justifying my euphoria. And still have the euphoria, while listening to the 25th anniversary CD. :3


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I am currently a researcher who is curious and fascinated about human nature. I am a cat, chocolate, caffeine, book and nature lover. I also like music-- most of them, anyway. A Filipino at soul and heart but likes Japanese language and culture. Bookworm, iska, techie and sometimes just plain crazy. I write to let my thoughts out so they won't haunt me before I sleep. Halong diskurso, personal na buhay, wala lang, obserbasyon, pag-uulayaw ng akademiya at interes, konting politikal (kahit na di naman ako ganun kabihasa). Lahat pang-araw-araw na nakikita sa sipat ng aking balintataw.

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