FYI. I had been working at Congress for a week now and honestly, a bit appalled with this kind of thing. Sabi nila sa akin, masasanay rin ako. Pero, should I be? Somehow, parang hindi ito ang natutunan ko sa Public Ad. But what can I do? It leaves me outraged that I am helpless even I’m already there.

Welcome to government service, indeed. Oo, idealistic ako. I feel horribly wet-behind-the-ears. But it should not be like this. At all.


Weak leadership or cynical games?
There is a reason why Philippine Presidents want clear majorities in the two legislative houses: To make sure pet bills are passed. Chief Executives detail their pet initiatives in their State of the Nation (SONA) speeches at the start of every Congress and then reiterate their wishes as the legislative mill grinds on.
When governance experts grade leadership performance, the ability to shepherd pet measures through Congress is a key segment. Congress leaders, of course, are also measured by the same stick.
In President Benigno Aquino’s last SONA, allusions to the Reproductive Rights bill got the loudest, longest ovation. This is what he said:
Sana nga po, ngayong paubos na ang backlog sa edukasyon, sikapin nating huwag uling magka-backlog dahil sa dami ng estudyante. Sa tingin ko po, responsible parenthood ang sagot dito.”
He did not specifically mention the RH bill but proponents —…

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I think that it’s not just the 20s who should follow this.


Currently at House of Representatives and doing internship. It’s very quiet here, having 3 members of the staff and the big boss not here. Not to mention that my supervisor happens to be also a close friend.


Don’t be fooled with the situation, however.


I need to be on my toes. Mark warned me that things here are unhurried but things can brew up when the unexpected happens. Plus, since  I am a newcomer, I tend to be overenthusiastic. It takes a lot to curb my exuberance, plus the fact that I always heckle with my “boss”. He has a face to maintain and most of the people I see here are in awe of him (I had to bite down the urge to smile). I have to remember that I am here as an intern. Self-control is one of the things I sadly lack but must keep a supply, if I want to pull this off.

I must say that I am very excited with the new experience (hindi lang halata, haha) because I also miss being inside the office. Almost half a year ago, I resigned from my job to continue my studies and I had been doing it for the last 5 years. I can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea of being confined inside a cubicle (albeit the office is too nice and is not a cubicle. Think of it as a condo, haha.)


Anyway, have to go for now. Will continue tomorrow.