Getting ready

Doing a rushed post. Haha. I am supposed to leave the house by 4PM but here I am in a middle of a chaotic bedroom– unbathed, my things scattered and my thoughts flying. So, what the heck. Let’s do a post.

I will be gone for the weekend to think over things about my life– family, friends, work, personal and other whatnot. I must say that I am excited but at the same time, I am anxious, and yes– I am scared. I don’t know what will happen during and after. But I am scared because it is definitely going to do a lot of changes in my life.

I psyched myself that it would be all right. I’ve been to a retreat before. I knew these people. I knew myself.

Or so I hope.

But fear is still there.

I decided to go through it, despite the fear. Despite my financial issues. Despite everything. I prayed for it for so long. And I know these are the few chances that I am following my instincts that the changes that I will go through is essential and they are right.

Forgive my selfishness. Forgive me for withdrawing in a shell just for a short while. Forgive me, world. But this time around, I think I need to listen and be still for now. But after this, I’ll be more prepared to dance back to the world’s rhythm.