DP H2O Challenge: Blue Paradise

A response in the Daily Challenge of the Week: H2O

Last week, I was assigned by our office to do an interview survey in one of the famous tourist spot of the Philippines for work– Boracay island. At first, I thought Boracay was quite overrated with all the news I had been hearing and reading about it. But while I was there, I finally understood why people call it “paradise on earth”.

All photos were taken by ASUS Laser 5.5 cellphone camera.


Technically, clouds are one form of water, right? 🙂


Bird’s eye view of the island and its surrounding waters


Boats and where I need to be


Waves in the tropics


If only mornings and innocence of play are like this…


Fish! Life from the waters.


Water brings forth life, even in a space like this.


About chocolatedazed

I am currently a researcher who is curious and fascinated about human nature. I am a cat, chocolate, caffeine, book and nature lover. I also like music-- most of them, anyway. A Filipino at soul and heart but likes Japanese language and culture. Bookworm, iska, techie and sometimes just plain crazy. I write to let my thoughts out so they won't haunt me before I sleep. Halong diskurso, personal na buhay, wala lang, obserbasyon, pag-uulayaw ng akademiya at interes, konting politikal (kahit na di naman ako ganun kabihasa). Lahat pang-araw-araw na nakikita sa sipat ng aking balintataw.

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