Technically, it’s already the 17th here but since I was out the whole weekend, I am doing the challenge now.


The challenge today reminded me of my most favorite Filipino band: Sugarfree. This is a three-man show of Ebe Dancel on vocals and guitar, Mitch Singson but later replaced by Kaka Quisumbing on drums and our college Pol Sci professor, Jal Taguibao on bass.  Sadly, the band had disbanded on 2011. I had referred on my previous entry here one of their most populat and catchy songs, Hari ng Sablay. The video is below.

They had a not-so popular song called “Kandila”, which is the Filipino word for– well, you guessed it– candle. It’s a bittersweet song of someone waiting in the darkness of a blackout with a candle only for company, and finding that person will not return anymore, the person apologizes in the darkness for not chasing after, plunging the world in darkness. I’ll translate the lyrics some other time, though. ^^;

The video is from their last concert, Paalam Pilipinas.


About chocolatedazed

I am currently a researcher who is curious and fascinated about human nature. I am a cat, chocolate, caffeine, book and nature lover. I also like music-- most of them, anyway. A Filipino at soul and heart but likes Japanese language and culture. Bookworm, iska, techie and sometimes just plain crazy. I write to let my thoughts out so they won't haunt me before I sleep. Halong diskurso, personal na buhay, wala lang, obserbasyon, pag-uulayaw ng akademiya at interes, konting politikal (kahit na di naman ako ganun kabihasa). Lahat pang-araw-araw na nakikita sa sipat ng aking balintataw.

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