You’re reading who?

That’s why I hate having my pictures taken.

I am:

Cat, curry & chocolate-caffeine addict.

Hyper happy-happy joy-joy!

Rambling rusher.

Intelligently insane.

Sugary sarcastic.

Techie & tome-phile.



Et tu?

Well, those also spell out my real name. Well, half of it.

Ceejay stands for CJ or Christine Joy. Former spelling is preferred. Please, by any circumstances, do not..I repeat and reiterate DO NOT address me as Joy. I don’t come across as a Joy (it’s too cute a name and I am NOT cute. Totally UNCUTE), seriously. Some (usually close friends) also call me Ceej. Beats me why they want to shorten my already short name.

Born at QC and now living again at QC. I also currently study here at QC. Iska e. Di ko na iniwan QC, no?

29 and born on the 29th of January. If you believe in horoscopes, I am an Aquarian with the moon sign in Leo and Capricorn ascendant. If you don’t care for astrology, it’s okay. I don’t bite but you will find my preferences quite out of the ordinary. 😛 Saka regalo ko, ha?

I speak Tagalog, English, smattering of Ilonggo and Japanese. I can decipher Latin, French, Spanish and Italian (blame my biologist beginnings…helloo, scientific names!) but I am pure Filipino– from a Tagalog mother and Capiznon father. However, what I write is a total different story. Also, the things I read are another list altogether.

I am a nerd, lurker, gamer (pag di tinatamad), frustrated writer, voracious reader, pacifier, pillow hugger/glomper (but don’t hug me!), bugger, lagger, singer, stalker, fan girl, dessert lover and maker (pero diabetic nga pala), devil’s advocate, adviser, listener and gabber. In short, bahala ka ano kelangan mo. As long magagawa ko.

Seriously now, I am still a student (yeah, at my age…don’t let me recount history or I’ll have to close this again due to emo shiz). I study Public Administration in UP Diliman. No, I am not intending to run for public office although public service and/or working for the government are more likely possible career paths; and to be honest, let’s see if I’ll get around to venture law school (Legal Anthro’s fault). However, I will definitely go for graduate school when I get to finish my bachelor course. I also was a student of Biology before shifting to my present course. I also am skirting around in Anthropology (yes, I am seriously considering this for MA degree, if I pass in UP CSSP Grad School), thanks to my natural curiosity on how human beings live but I’d like to also learn languages, particularly Japanese. I’m a geek that way.

So, enough of my ramblings. My contacts are posted at the Gravatar. Contact me, maybe, for a good read rec or if you just want to be friendly. Or just curious. I’ll try not to be antisocial.


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