A hard lesson

I know how it feels and I felt like I am stuck on this loop for the last five years. Seriously. But tonight, it took me a botched project to get some sense in my head. I don’t know if I should punch him for making me feel mortified for being such a sorry piece of ass or I should thank him for making me realize that I should become BETTER. Because he thought to believe in this sorry piece of ass that she can do better than whine the shit out of things.


Sorry for whining. But now I understand what sir Ebie meant that I need to have convictions in what I believe in and in what I say. I can never stay on a safe side because that is not living the life I’m destined for. Staying safe won’t get me anywhere. But allow me time to get there. I will eventually get there.


He’s there…

Ohmaygawd, I am finally seeing it! I am finally seeing one of my greatest dreams on stage. Here in MANILA. TODAY!!!

Lynn-nee just handed me our tickets. Can’t stop my heart from pounding as I took pictures!


It’s here! The Phantom of the Opera!

I can’t hyperventilate just yet. I’ll leave it later. Still have an exam to pass on Monday. Eeeee! Balcony!


the tickets!

dream? nope!

It’s so real! the details!

If you guys can catch it, please do! It’s extended until last week of September. Don’t fail to catch this chance of a lifetime!


Got good news for today! Let this pic show why:


Congrats to the new doctors and especially to my best friend, Dr. Jayson T. Parinas MD. 😀 So proud of you!


Oh yeah, I also got some good stuff with acads. I aced my 142 midterms. I can’t believe it but I actually got a 91 out of 101. Not bad. 😛