Sense of Urgency

Challenge for DP’s Urgent.

Mama always tells me I have no sense of urgency. I dally a lot on things that are considered important. Urgent becomes something I set aside for later. It can wait. There are also others that await that I must do or I should be doing but I choose to do what strikes my fancy now.

Like now. In 8 minutes, we are scheduled to have a meeting about a project at work. But here I am, writing my frenzied thoughts. I am not even done with my map tracing. Yet the call to write my thoughts down is strong that I had no choice but just pour it out here and well, just type. It eased the rush of adrenaline, clearing my churning thoughts into a semblance of clarity. This is what I must do now, this is what should go first.

Yes, I am a procrastinator. But somehow, these small distractions spark more of my creativity, making my brain work overtime. The pressure of deadline push me to be more inventive, more daring. I usually end up rushing headlong in my deadlines, if not lagging after the scheduled activities. My thoughts can sometimes be crazy. But hey, I even had to admit to myself that my crazy ideas can be mostly brilliant.

It is definitely not a good habit. I am not recommending it to anyone at all.


But it works for me nicely.